metallic knocking front passenger side

Hi, just acquired a fully restored p6 3500 and I'm getting a tinny/metallic knocking noise when I go over bumps,large or small, in the road. Tried bouncing up and down on the suspension and not a murmur however as soon as on the road its back again. Had it on a ramp and neither the mechanic or I could get to the bottom of it. The suspension, steering etc are all new. sounded like it was something to do with the metal wheel disc but checked that and nothing.
any ideas greatfully received.


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Most likely cause is if you have aftermarket shock absorbers fitted. These use a parallel mounting bush with a steel sleeve and they rattle on the pins and whatever you do you cannot stop it. Wheel nut rattling about inside hubcap ? anti roll bar cap bolts ? nuts loose holding bell crank to bulkhead ?


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I'm sure he'll be along soon to give the full SP, in the meantimes it's open for you (and anyone else who feels the need) to have a ponder.


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What made it worse was that the driver's side one was done correctly and the passenger side wasn't. There's no excuse for that.

If the noise doesn't disappear I'll be surprised, but if so then we'll just have to look a bit harder.

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Nice one!

The only reason I posted that was 10 minutes or so after he posted his question here, he phoned me and I told him what the problem was. He went and checked and phoned me back 5 minutes later to tell me I was right.
We can phone you Harvey? I didn't get the memoo_O


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This is P6 support from Hyderabad, how may I be of service to you today. After the call please don't forget to rate my performance in helping you out today..........

hmmm Harvey doesn't really sound like an Indian name....who knew?

Graeme ( from China not Hyderabad)


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I have a metallic rattle in my hip when I walk. It stops when I jump up and down, or walk round in circles. Whats going on?
That would be the stainless steel replacement part, you probably should have gone with the ceramic insert, those old chassis certainly aren't as good as they used to be.
Ah, have sorted the pin problem on the shocker and it's still there. Noticed movement on the steering side rod, tried to tighten but no good, so new side bar tomorrow. Keep the ideas coming.


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Well, if nothing else at least both sides are fitted correctly now. You did mention some improvement, so I like to think I was half right....