Measurements of Factory Ball Joint Tool

HI All

I'm looking for the dimensions of the factory ball joint tool 601476. This is the tool for breaking the tapers on the lower and upper strut ball joints, looks a bit like a L.

Anybody have one?

It's actually just what I'm calling the clamp, the part with the two threaded legs. I have good dimensions (well, sensible ones anyway) for the saddle. Dimensions for A to E.

Weird that the jpg crops to the art bounds.




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OK I'll sort the tool out and take some measurements.

A 12mm
B 12mm
C 126mm
D 101mm
E 35mm

The only reason it's in Metric is the pins are 12mm, not 1/2" as obviously they would be if the world was a sane place.
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Save some money perhaps? I did my ball joints and bought a small splitter from Machine Mart and ground a piece out of it to fit the joints, worked a treat.


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We use met/imp. down here. Doesn't always work for me, but its supposed to keep the Alzheimer's at bay , working with both fields.