meanwhile in the Netherlands


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what have they done to this car??

Unique Rover 3500 P6 total rebuilt by RR CLASSIC. Rover 3.9ltr engine with Edelbrock/Weber. Original (new old stock) Abarth exhaust especially made for Rover 3500V8 with stunning sound. LT77 5-speed gearbox. Partly polybushed suspension. Finished in grey with original red leather interior. Rover SD1 alloys new tyres etc
what kind of engine? don't recognise it, for a Series 1 , that is futuristic, Price £24890 Or near offer



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I would like to see more of the exhaust, never heard of an 'original Abarth exhaust' before, anyone shed any light on this ?
Or is it a case of Abarth exhaust made in a light shed............
Its got two tail pipe thingy's so it must be ok.

Overall I like it, cant think why ;)


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Same capacity as mine, although mine is designated a 4.0L.

engine Dec 13.jpg

Mine is fuel injected now, but this is what it looked like with the 4 barrel.

I quite like the look of that. series 1, debumpered, Vitesse wheels, V tasty :)