Master Cylinder Wont Empty Clutch Fluid


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Cheap Land Rover parts are the definition of false economy. Other than that, if you intend on fitting a bigger bore master, it would be better to complement it with a bigger bore slave from a 2200. But then again you probably won't be saving much in total.
Sorry guys but I couldn't resist the temptation to try so I bought a TRW Master Cylinder from a well known Land Rover Supplier so its a good one not the cheap one from that website I posted.

The Master Cylinder is used on the Land Rover Defender It has a slightly bigger bore size but the bolts fit perfectly.
I really did not think it would have worked as well as it did, I got the old girl to pump the clutch , I already had put on a brand new Slave Cylinder on very easy to get all the air out of the system with new working parts working as they should. Well it works perfectly the clutch has always been on the heavy side compared to modern cars, but I have not noticed that its suddenly become more heavy it now changes gear perfectly.

The modern Master Cylinder must be far better than something that was made nearly 50 years ago as technology has moved on with making new parts, even the cap is far better than the original with a massive seal to stop ingress of water.
As far as I know Demetris the 2000 and the 2200 had the same Sized Slave Cylinder however I am not sure if there was a difference with the V8 in size.

If your Master Cylinder Gives up you have 6 choices,
Original Clutch Master Not Available
Buy an old stock for a fortune most probable that the seals have rotted
Buy a new master cylinder that looks like the top bottle has been lashed to the cylinder
Have your original cylinder re-sleeved in stainless steel price is around £100 with the vat and p&p
Fit a Land Rover Part Costing £30 that is what I did
Last choice give up and go to the pub best choice :)

If I go out in the morning and the Slave is leaking all over the place I will be eating my words :)
I will post a pic tomorrow and if it gives up or blows the clutch up I promise I will re-post my mistake .
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As far as I know Demetris the 2000 and the 2200 had the same Sized Slave Cylinder however I am not sure if there was a difference with the V8 in size.
No they haven't. I don't remember the respective numbers right now, but i have fitted a 2200 clutch slave cylinder in my 2000 in order to reduce pedal pressure, which it did. Actually it is a well known modification.
I stand corrected Demetris you are correct :)
So far so good with this Master but I haven't been to Brighton and back lol
just been going for little runs so far, I think to be on the safe side I am going to send off my old unit and keep it around the place just in case.
Got the heater box out at the moment so being gassed by engine fumes coming through the vents lol
need to workout something that will be firm enough to stay in the bulkhead to block it but something that can be easily removed once the heater box is rebuilt :rolleyes: