Lt77 conversion requirements

Finally went for a drive in the 5 speed today very impressed with how it’s transformed the drive , very smooth .... I need to get a speedo cable made up from speedy cables and then get my speedo head recalibrated....
does anyone know what fixings are used on the cable ends ..... is the head fixing an m12?
And the gearbox end this rover 1056e fitting on the speedycable website ? Also the length required was thinking 60inch , pic of the piece I removed from the lt77 speedo drive
Thanks all



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When I converted mine, which was a 3500S, so a manual car already, I used the standard 3500S cable, all I had to do was enlarge the hole in that lower flange so it fitted over the slightly larger LT77 speedo driven gear shaft, and modify the LT77 clamp so it would hold the slightly smaller flange on the 3500S cable.
I have put a thick washer between the cable and the gearbox and used the original 4 speed clamp at the moment ....but wanted a more permanent solution , which flange did you enlarge?


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I enlarged the hole in the bottom of the speedo outer cable so it fitted over the LT77 driven gear, and then modified (narrowed the width between) the LT77 clamp so it held the 3500S cable flange.
Ok so it goes further down ... good idea ... il do that I think I’ve a few spare cables to try it on .... any idea how much a recal on the speed is as I’ve read on here you had yours done
Thanks again Harvey


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Lots more fun with a manual, isn't it!? :p:cool:
I haven't connected my speedo yet so I'll be watching your progress with interest.
Did you fit a lightened flywheel?