Low Brake Fluid level switch.

The brake warning light is on all the time in my 1972 2000TC. On checking the switch on the brake fluid container, I found that the "float" is moving on the pin which operates the switch. Could anyone tell me what material the float is made of? It looks like cork It seems that the tiny washer on the pin does not hold the float in position any more. Cheers Tom
Thank you rover p480. Yes I can crimp the pin so the washer becomes captive again. I was also thinking of sticking a tiny bit of solder on the pin to retain the washer. I'll try the crimp and get back to you. Thanks again. Tom
The pin has been crimped so the washer is captive again. The float is now on the pin and also captive but I think it has lost its "floatability". The float will not operate the switch unless moved down the pin by about 15-20mm. I guess float needs replacing. BTW, the fluid is at the correct level. Cheers Tom
I replaced my float some time ago. It had become saturated with brake fluid and did not 'float'. I used a convenient sized cork, from a wine bottle or similar. Just the first cork of the right size that I could find. I do not imagine Rover were any more particular when they specified the original cork. However, I stand to be corrected if anyone knows better. I doubt if the cork was intended to have a 50+ year life


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I did this a few years ago but now my replacment cork has too lost its buoyancy as I get a flicker from the brake warning light now and then. Looks like I will have to do it again, perhaps with the cork from a more expensive bottle of wine!
I replaced mine in 2006 or 2007. I used a synthetic cork out of a bottle of wine. It still seems to float. Open some wine and then used the cork to make a float. I cut mine a bit shorter. Then you can drink the wine. Do not drink the wine first.
Apparently there is a shortage of cork in the world. Looks like l'll be looking for a nice bottle of red which is cork sealed and not screw top sealed. Also, I heard that coating the cork with shellac helps to preserve the cork. Cheers Tom
Yep, I'll steer away from any cork coating material. Looks like a search for synthetic cork. Thank you all for your replies. Will keep you posted with this minor issue. Cheers Tom