Lights Camera Action!

Phil Robson

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I took OCC out yesterday & it drove very well as usual. However, the rattle doesn't go away & before I attempt any fix, with a bit of help I managed to take a very short video in which you can hear the noise...

Have you ruled out gear-lever linkage rattle? Mine rattles, but can be made to stop by applying slight pressure to the gear-lever. It took me a while to find it was the gear-lever that was rattling. The other rattle I have, that I’ve only just worked outage source of, is the bonnet prop. I had an irritating rattle from under the bonnet, it sounded like something loose and metallic. Of course, open the bonnet to investigate and it goes away as the prop is in use. I hope replacing the grommet at the end of the bonnet prop should cure this one!