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Lights Camera Action!

Discussion in 'Members Projects' started by Phil Robson, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    Maybe you are not having the correct distributor for this engine, that gives a lot more than the required advance at the higher revs.
    As these distributors were fitted to a variety of engines, swaping for "whatever" after all those years shouldn't be a surprise.
    I remember another forum member that found out that his Rover 4 pot was fitted with a morris minor distributor among others (The previous owner used to service it in a "Morris Minor Centre")!
    I cannot really comment on the little end hypothesis, but i can't imagine the valve springs creating problems in this engine.
  2. FrazzleTC

    FrazzleTC Active Member

    I found that my 2000 pinked horrendously, as I wasn't getting the vacuum advance I was meant to. I put an electronic distributor in mine, in the end, and it eradicated the problem! :)
  3. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Not too much to report on the mechanical side recently. I haven't managed to sort the rattling yet; in fact local P6ers think it's either worn springs or little ends (about the only things I haven't renewed...). Apart from this, the car is a real pleasure to drive, so I'll get it sorted over winter. I did have another knocking at the back which became evident when it failed its MOT :(. However, it was pretty simple to fix as the drive shaft had shed a few bolts... Keen spotters will have noticed the tubular drive shaft - I still need a replacement early shaft on this side, so if you know of one, please get in touch!

    I've made no progress with the paintwork this year, so that's another job for next year (again).

    I still love the look of it, despite its deficiencies :)

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  4. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    OCC has not changed of late in the bodywork department. I did get chance to take a moody shot yesterday though, without showing too much of the unfinished work...


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  5. Barten

    Barten Member

    Very nice photograph!!
  6. Rudiger Wicke

    Rudiger Wicke Member

    Indeed !
  7. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!

    This year's project will be to get the replacement doors sprayed (again) & put on. I'll keep the originals though, just in case I ever want to repair them.

    I have booked OCC into the P6ROC national at Castle Howard & no doubt it will still be in its 'rat look' then :cool:
  8. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Just to note that I have now got both outer sills on. I had made up repair sections on the passenger side when I did it several years ago, so had to drill out some holes underneath & file them square to fit the correct plastic inserts in :D. When I came to do the driver's side, I saw sense & got a pattern part...


    There was also this sticker on the dashboard for my fellow anoraks - have you seen one before?


  9. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    I've seen the same sticker on a P5B recently.
  10. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Just a gratuitous photo of my P6 collection, taken recently by my son Tom (who is a bit taller than me ;)):


    ...in age order, as well: 53, 47 & 45 :)
  11. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Not much to report on the 2000 at the moment. Upon returning from a ride around the locality a few weeks ago, it suddenly decided not to let me change gear, so I suspect a master or slave cylinder seal.

    Next job on the list after BOP has had its rear suspension refitted!
  12. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Well BOP passed its MOT today, so I've got OCC straight into the garage to sort its clutch...


    I think I know what's wrong:


    A seal kit, or perhaps a new slave cylinder is in order.
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  13. chrisw

    chrisw Well-Known Member

    £30 from Wins.. brand new. Cheaper to buy a new one than to recon. Especially as they're such a shit to bleed.
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