LED Headlight conversion

Recently I bought LED bulbs to replace all light on my 3500S. Everything went fine and all side, tail , stoplight replaced without any trouble and all look fien and brighter than the old filament bulbs.
Fitting the head light bulbs seems more of a problem, a each bulb has an "electronics module" that goes between the bulb and the 3 pin power connector. There is no room inside the headlight shell for this module. Has anyone done this conversion?? Any suggestions as the how to fit the module in?

MY initial thought were to cut a hole in the back of the headlight shell to allow the connector from the module to pass through, and then cut the power connector from th shell and make the connection behind the shell. Is there a better way? Like removing the shell to make room for the module?
Instruction with the LED's mentioned that the module should be fixed in a dry place, which seems logical.

I have also seen suggestions that the 'beam pattern' of these LEDs is incorrect and could be an MOT failure, but I am now MOT exempt ,so I presume that if I am happy with the beam pattern, then that is OK. My recent driving experience is that many vehicles with super-bright headlights appear to have the wrong beam pattern


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Regarding the MoT exemption, it does not exempt you from complying with the legal requirements regarding lighting, or any other respect, the same as anyone who does require an Mot. Therefore if it would fail on the headlamps , one could be prosecuted if it became an issue .