Key numbers

Probably a simple question if you know the answer, unfortunately I don't!

My private locks are falling apart on my series 2. Fortunately in attic 1 I have found 2 good condition spare ones. I am not sure if they are series 2 private locks or not but believe they are as they feature the swinging teardrop cover. Unfortunately NO KEYS. I believe I can order new keys. However I am not sure what the key series would be, a friend says they might be FR for a rover door of that era although he is not certain. Secondly having examined one of the locks there appears to be 3 different numbers on it (none FR) At the top of the rear of the barrel the number is a single digit number followed by / and 5 further numbers FOR EXAMPLE 7/42398.
On the bottom of the barrel on the left and right sides are a single letter and a single digit. However on the rear of the teardrop flap there is a further number which is again six digits, the first four being the same as what is on the barrel but the last two different. FOR EXAMPLE 742369. Underneath is the same single letter and digit as there is on the lower part of the barrel. Does anyone know who to contact regarding getting keys cut and more importantly which is the correct numbers/letters to quote? Thanks Ian


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I went to a classic car type autojumble, found a seller of keys on original racks & he let me go through the whole lot until I found one that fitted.
I had a similar problem when I got my P6B: no door or boot keys. Research indicated that P6 door keys are FR and boot, fuel cap , glove boxes ( all on one key) are FS. The door locks had 3 digits stamped on the side of the barrel so I got FR keys cut to code quickly and cheaply by auto-locksmith on eBay ( Calverton, Nottingham if you are near them). The boot lock was unfortunately unstamped, like your locks it would seem. The numbers you have located so far are casting marks/part numbers I think. I contacted Thomas Locks ( experts in classic cars, who could cut keys if I could send them a lock. By chance I found out where the fuel lock number should be, and via torch and mirrors I got the 3 digits, then Auto-locksmith made the keys. Hope this helps
Nice one horselogger, I had only looked at one of the private locks and indeed no number on the side of the barrel, however after examining the other there was indeed a three digit number on the side of the barrel. As the other numbers are identical and I know these used to be a pair with one key I gave the number to key2code who immediately matched the number to mid seventies BL (I prefer the term Rover but never mind!) he said he could provide a key for £6 including postage within 24hrs. I am now sitting here with two locked locks hoping when the postie comes I will be sitting here with two unlocked locks! Thanks for your help
Auto-Locksmith Anne Boyle, Calverton, via eBay would have cut to code for £2.25 a key, inc fast delivery. Worth knowing. I found Thomas Locksmiths very helpful on the phone and although I didn’t eventually need them I think it worth flagging them up too.
Hope you have a suitable long bent-nose pliers to get the "hockey stick" retainers out of the old and into the new. It may well be possible without, but much easier with. I was told this before I tried by a friend with a 2000 and blessed him indeed when it came to doing the job.