Kelsey Hayes Magstar Wheels


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I have four. In good to excellent condition, and I recently repainted them as I wanted to sell them. I just never got round to buying the centers but those are easy enough to get hold of I reckon. I am in San Diego.


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I lost a center cap and my mate kindly whipped a replacement up on his little lathe. He refinished the three I still had, and I couldn't tell them apart. Talented chap. What I would very much like would be the correct Rover badges to fit the Magstar center caps! Larger than Rostyle or 'S' trim badges. Readies waiting for four of those!
I now have my Magstars thanks to Joseph! Top man!!!So my next question is about refurbishment. I plan to get them professionally done but I am not sure about the colour. I believe they were black originally, but gloss or satin? I actually quite fancy a very dark gunmetal grey too. There is a new alloy version like this no available in the states, not in P6 size sadly. Any views?? Capture111.JPG


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I had mine refinished in a dark grey metallic with a clearcoat. They look much better than black, which vanishes inside large sidewall tyres making the wheels look much smaller than they really are. Shame mine haven't got shiny chrome rims. Do whatever you like. Let me know if you find wheel locking nuts that don't look like a socket, like the ones that came with my wheels!