just bought one

so just paid a deposit on a 3500 wish me luck. picking up few weeks time though
underside looks good but has the old underseal still on thinking of taking some of it off then paint and stuzt or something similar
needs a respay really but that can wait
no doubt will be wanting some help through the summer
any tips on maintenance would be appreciated
The po has a elec fan mounted in front of the radiator. And has removed the mechanical fan
With me owning a stag I wouldn't have gotten rid of mechanical one
What do you think.


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Nothing to worry about
You get far better air flow the cooling from an electric fan.
They are very relaxing even down to the seats and radio best thing ever in a P6 is the seats are amazing and always will be Zzzzzzzz for me.
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that looks like a slc not softop I have owned one for a short time mine was only 280 so very slow and was million dollars on top but bottom was rotten .didn't know much about classics at the time so lost a bit of money on it but now a bit wiser
nice car dico.
Hello ,the car is on Ebay and cars and classics,Its superb ,but the write up will give all the details.Also there are loads of photos It`s a 450 SLC so there is plenty of power there,it`s superb to drive.I have never been interested in a soft top for some reason.Len
Iv`e restored a few P5Bs as a hobby and P4s.I remember I has a noisy tappet,which I was told by experts you shouldn`t just replace one .So I bought a new one and took the inside valves out and fitted into the original tappet,and it worked. Lovely engines the V8. Len
450SLC, that brings back memories!

I had one in the same exterior/interior colour scheme, but with sunroof, back in the 80s and into the early 90s; same year as well. Mine confused a few mechanics by having what I think was a fairly rare option of self levelling rear struts, with reservoir under the bonnet. Great towcar. Wish I'd hung on to it as it was a goid car to drive, apart from the excessively large steering wheel which I changed for a smaller MotaLita.