Is this standard, and if so, what is it?

I noticed the 'roof' of the cubby hole seemed to not be fitting to the to if said space very well, so investigated. There us what I presume to be a very small light.......or that's all I can think it is! It doesn't work though. So, just wondering if it's been added by a previous owner, as it seems badly positioned causing the poor panel fit there. Or, if it's meant to be there, if anyone knew what sort of bulb is needed, and how to take apart. It seemed likely to be fragile so didn't want to force anything. Not a bug deal, and not something I'll chase into the loom if it's not the bulb. Assuming it's a light if course, happy to be told otherwise, although I will blush at my daftness! Thank you in advance for any wisdom.


Apologies for spelling errors, this bloody phone is too small. And autocorrect! It should say the cubby hole above the radio, not the nonsense above!
Thank you Harvey, this is good to know, as now it can be removed to let the panel fit properly, it seems to be an l.e.d, a nice idea, but not really needed!