is anybody on LINKED IN?


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after 11 years on Facebook I got fed up with FB and jacked it in

looked around for something else (less in your face) and found LINKED IN

then realised that LINKED IN has groups, there was no P6 group so I started one, anybody on LINKED IN? do join me

just 4 members on there so far LinkedIn



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LinkedIn is more of a professional networking tool than a social media. I sort stay away from my hobby related groups on there for that reason. But I’ll certainly check it out. Maybe Reddit would be a good place to look. You can setup your own groups on there easily.

For my penithworth I’d say stay on here. It’s well moderated. Topics are easily searched so you don’t have to ask the same question all the time (a problem on FB groups) and the folks here are nicer and more show more respect to each other.


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I do use Linkedin, but the groups on there are difficult to use so I wouldn't go onto a Rover group there. Same with Farcebook, I have noticed a few of the old regulars from here chatting away on there, but this forum is by far the best for any Rover topic so I don't tend to get involved on there. The only other place I pop into now again to a for any V8 related things, is the V8Forum, which is very good as well.


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I didn't even know it had groups! I've been trying to get off it for ages but they won't let go! I'd agree with the others about this forum and, like it or not, FB does have many more users than Linkedin or this forum...

I can't help feeling that the OP is going from the frying pan into the fire, I assume he's doesn't like FB's set up but is them looking to join a similar, if smaller, set up, full of "professionals" who are probably all "experts" on everything they do! How long before he has the same issues he's had with FB?! I'd just stick with this forum if that's the case, forums by their very nature tend to be much quieter and less rowdy places than FB and the like, good for relaxing in!


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I too am on LinkedIn, but it is purely in a professional capacity. In agreement with the other posters, I shall remain on this forum for all Rover related issues as it is by far the most outstanding.



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I see a few people have recently joined the LinkedIn group which is brilliant

actually I made a mistake in my first post above, there is another P6 group on Linked in, it is (The Rover P6 club) LinkedIn and I sent in a request to join it but was ignored so I forgot all about it

it says "Join the conversation with the 6 professionals in this group" which means they have more members than my group!! :p


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The whole "LinkedIn is for professionals" is pretty much gone now with the proliferation of other social media platforms like Instagram etc. I'm on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and Instagram and use all of them mainly on my phone. I probably use IG more than the others and arguably connect with more professional business owners there than on LinkedIn. Personal preference prevails of course.

The Rover P6 Club group on LinkedIn was created as a place marker really and hasn't been used very much at all. I couldn't find your group because I searched "Rover P6" rather than "P6 Rover". Got it now, but I can't see any value in creating a group on LinkedIn when the majority of those who know where to go for advice come here.

I keep an eye on all the FB groups relating to the P6 and this forum is by far and away the best and most comprehensive resource for keeping these cars on the road. Besides, harveyP6 is here :).


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I know on some Forums its prohibitive to advise other sites for advertising your own site and quite rightly should be in the T&C on sign up
Falkor I just don't think that you could find such a dedicated bunch of guys and lady's on this forum who are so willing to give up there spare time to help and advise others and also this site has hundreds if not thousands of hours of information from all over the world that can be searched apron with photos and in-depth information I can not see how a linkedin site will help me.
However I do think this forum could be improved maybe the first suggestion is not for P6 owners looking on auction sites and finding any fault you can find and posting it then the new owner finds the posts on this forum and is upset so suggests other sites this is putting people off why would a new owners of a P6 who we need want to read posts of there car being less than desirable just because something went missing in action 50 years ago?
Then the new owner who comes on this site says hello and get a Oh your the guy who bought the VIP that not a VIP because the wheel trim went missing on the left hand side in 1978 well it says VIP on the log book come on guys this is no way to welcome new people.
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It is a fine line between providing information to help people avoid a bear trap, and being unhelpful after the event.
Mostly folks on here are trying to do the former.