Intermittant wiper

Hi All, My intermittent wiper on my 2000 TC P6 works but only as a continuous wiper any pointers where to look. Also my heater only blows cold air, I'm going to take the feed pipe and exit pipe off and flush through first but any other ideas welcome. I've only just bought this car so I'm probably going to find more issues as I go along, hopefully nothing to disastrous. Thanks in advance for any help.
Regards Terry H
surprised not to see a few comments on subject. I found my intermittent was due to a vacuole pipe leak (split) near wiper motor but was hard to find! do check along pipe as any leak will cause it not to function. good luck with heater matrix .I tried back flushing but didnt work well! eventually forced to remove entire heater unit ( sigh) and strip out matrix. a probe inside showed one end almost fully caked in silt. etc so only a few 'cores' allowing any flow. drain cleaner helped but wasn't successful so ended dup unsoldering one and cleaning out all cores etc and then re-soldering ( not for faint hearted) so far so good.not driven car since but have had engine running and no leaks thus far :) .good luck with new purchase and do expect issues .old Rovers always have them!
Hi, I found the vacuum pipe tucked away inside the wire harness where it had broken off, I fitted a plastic straight connector from my aquarium air pipe and joined a short length of clear pipe from same source, it worked a treat. As for the heater matrix, I disconnected it completely and blocked the lower end and filled it with cheap Cola and left it a few days then flushed it out. It cleared a little but I still had to resort to the hose pipe running in the top and wiggling a length of wire up the bottom, that worked and I now have a heater that works properly. Unfortunately I lost compression on cylinder 3 by 50 psi and engine will not start now so it's in hibernation until next summer as I have an MGBGT and a Rover Sterling needing my attention along with my every day driver a Toyota Celica VVTI Blue Special Edition.
Regards Terry H