Indicators dont cancel

As per title is there something on the steering wheel that cancels the indicators. Is it something that breaks and can be replaced. Thnkss


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That's right! AFAIK you have to return the stalk to the centre position manually. At least, I've always had to on the various P&s I've owned. Which isn't to say that they weren't all broken and that there really is a thingydingy that does it for you!

Phil Robson

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There is a metal ring that slots round the front of steering wheel’s hole which has a tab on each side. This cancels the indicators by flicking the stalk when the wheel turns.
I've never known the bit being talked about to either wear or be missing. Far more likely is that the indicator switch has worn away the little plastic nub that item #33 operates on.

being a bit of a lateral thinker ..... thinking how about winding the window down and sticking your hand out and making gestures of and
appropriate nature?:p