In at the deep end

Hi everyone
I've just bought a 1968 p6 2000 SC auto
I paid 80 quid for a similar car 25 years ago it for a few month's blew the engine and scrapped it. That was in the days when I think very few of us realised the potential of these old rover's
Well here we go again I've done a lot of research about what to look for when buying one I've bought this one for a grand it's got MOT till December with no advisories 53k on the clock and went through a 2.5k restoration 5 years ago.
I've got loads of pics of that restoration and the top end of the skeleton monocoque seems solid.
Mechanically it seems sounds good no clanks bangs or smoke no oil leaks and the auto box does what it should with clean odour free lube. It stops,goes and steers like it should also the handbrake works properly. The interior is intact needing just a little TLC
On the downside the restoration was absolute rubbish the panels were fitted by a blind butcher.
Fibreglass front wings with the gaps at the doors resembling a glacial crevasse. The rear wings were not replaced and are rotting top and bottom. The oversills gap is tight at the front and and an inch from the bottom of the door at the back I suspect the sills and floor have just been overplated further investigation required. The paint job leaves a lot to be desired I've seen a better finish on a satsuma. I bought it from an old gentleman who dragged it out of a field 5 years ago and let some clown loose on it never mind he and his wife have had years of pleasure going on touring holidays and their parting comment as I handed over the folding stuff was they hope we get as much enjoyment out of the old girl as they have so who am I to burst their bubble. I promised to take her back when I've finished either bringing her back to her former glory or making a total balls of it
So down to business, my intention is to run her till October doing any running repairs as I go and suss out anything that needs doing when I garage her for the winter and do the restoration
Two things I have discovered
First the starter is playing up. Starts fine when cold but at times when warm it immediately disengages I've got a quote of 93 quid for a rebuild
Radiator while not causing severe overheating problems the gauge nudges the red on a prolonged steep climb. There are cold spots on the radiator and it has been repaired several times either new or secondhand rads seem to be as rare as the missus buying a round
Any comments would be much appreciated
Apart from that my AC toolkit arrives from Amazon today SCARY!!!!!


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Pics? We need pics.

2.5K isn't that much to spend on a restoration if it includes labour. Interesting to see what it looks like underneath :)

Did I mention pics?

Best of luck with it

That's where my inexperience kicks in Richard trying to get a handle on budget
2.5k seems like a reasonable amount to pay if you're doing the bulk of the work yourself
But it seems like a lot for a really substandard Job. Im from an engineering background welding fabrication and fitting but not automotive. Some of you guys have been rebuilding these machines for years I'm hoping you can help me with the finer points and sourcing parts. I'll post some pics next week perhaps you can take a look at them


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White ist still looking good for a P6, especially for the early ones. Except this side trim line :oops:
Yes, it looks like there´s some hidden spots behind the panels, but you are sounding realistic, so the way driving it and then have a look and decide is the best one.
I would try at Wins International for used parts (sure, for new also...) as he had started his warehouse sale :(
If there´s no good used radiator the only chance is to give it away to a radiator shop, they will dismantle it and build it up again with a new (better) cooling net. Have to do it also over the winter, it´s around 400 EUR here for an radiator for automatic cars.
Been off the road for 2 weeks my old starter motor has been the length of the country and back again and still not fixed. Fortunately wins international were able to supply me with a reconditioned replacement. I've fitted it and she's started first turn of the key happy days!!
Bought all steel wings today in good Nick I've got go back with a van to pick up a load of stuff more body panels and mechanical bits and bobs. I've got a good set of grp wings available now anybody interested?