Hub Reassembly


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Hi Guys, process of brakes going quite well, discs are off being machined....Just wondering, when I removed the Big Nut to take off the hub and disc, it didn't appear to be on very tight. Is there a torque setting for this or a tip for re tightening?


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You just have to tighten it until there is no run-out of the disc, and it still turns freely. Usually this turns out to be just fingertight. A more detailed procedure is available in the factory manual.

As a general advice i would suggest you to acquire a copy of the factory workshop manual. They are priceless for someone working on their own in a P6.


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The way I read my 2000/2200 Rover manual there should be 0.003-0.005" end float , or Zero depending on model Section H . So the nut will not be tight . Does yours have a special cap with a split pin through it ?
What I do when setting up hub bearings with taper rollers is assemble with new oil seal, grease bearings and assemble, fit the road wheel, lightly tighten the hub nut to around 18 Lb/ft whilst spinning the wheel to settle the bearings and grease. Back the nut off until you can just about feel a minute amount or barely zero end float when rocking the wheel.
As previously mentioned, best practice is to follow the manufacturer's guidelines wherever possible.



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Thank you all for your advice. Yes I have the special cap with the split pin through it. I've got it back together, just waiting on a new caliper spreader for the new pads and should be ready for a road test.