How to make a 3500 feel frugal

That Bentley is a beautiful motor car.

The Merc'? Well, I've developed a more appreciative stance towards the classics, but just as with the Beemer's, they've never really pushed my buttons. Probably something to do with the way our roads are swamped with both marques.


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WHS :)

I can appreciate that the mercs/bmws/audis are good at what they do but they do feel harsh and feel a little soul-less to me. I've never done more than a once around the block driving a merc but ride-wise i think they're the most rover-like of the bunch...


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I have an Audi, it's an A6 with the 3.0L Diesel engine (245), quattro drive and an auto. It will hit 60 in 6 seconds, can accelerate around a wet roundabout flat out, does 45mpg if I drive it like a looney, but does it have a SOUL?

Well it doesn't have a name and I refer to it as an 'it.' So, no it doesn't.

With all of its technical brilliance, it has lost that bit :(

Very nice indeed. The E55 is an impressive modern car, and, I would only consider one as an estate. Great way to get around.
However, your Bentley Continental Flying Spur is glorious. I believe they're amongst the most attractive post-war Bentleys, and yours looks a remarkable example. Do keep posting photos of it, as it's not something I've seen in the metal on many occasions.