How can a rebuilt rear caliper be tested before fitting?

Rebuilt off-side rear caliper of my 1975 P6 2200 SC using data found in various threads - for which many thanks guys. Pretty sure hydraulics now ok, not completely clear in my head as to how the strange rods, s springs and things actually work. Think I have got it all back together, but how can I check this before I crawl underneath and put it all back?? Discs are off the car and diff is down low (very low as dodgy hydraulics on borrowed jack) which made life easier, pads are being replaced - what a range of prices on eBay for the same make, up to £40 more in several cases!


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Operate the handbrake quadrant through its full travel multiple times and you should see the pad piston coming out, if so the mechanical part is tested as best you can, if not something is amiss. You can always wind the pad piston back in if you go too far.
Thanks Harvey, got it right second attempt - had got the pushrod collar round the wrong way which when sorted made the S springs fitting understandable. Just got to put it all back now and off the jacks, neighbours will be pleased