Hollandia sunroof (sliding steel)


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It's had fabric glued over it at some point, so needs sanding due to the glue marks.. but physically looks to be in good condition. I haven't tried to open it or anything though. It'll need the motor etc checking, and rewiring.

102FJJ - roof.jpg


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I had one of those in my old car, RWT363K, which was too rotten to repair. Regretfully I couldn't afford to have it refurbished, and when I moved back to the UK I couldn't bring it with me.


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In my 4 years at a Main Stealer I never saw one come from the factory with a sliding steel roof, just like with Webastos etc, the cars were PDI'd then sent out to specialists to have them fitted before delivery to the customer.

I had an electric one years ago which I sold without ever fitting it, the lure of the cash was just too much. Mind you, people would love to buy one now for what I sold it for back then.


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I was offered one for £65 a while ago, but turned it down as I had nowhere to keep it and also I couldn't really afford it. Wish it was still on offer for that now :hmm: