High reading rev counter

Hi All, started the Rover P6 2000TC earlier and even though the engine was barley ticking over at about 650 rpm (guessing that) the rev counter was showing 3500 - 4000 rpm. Not had this happen before anyone any ideas what is causing this.
Regards Terry H


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I believe its one or more of the capacitors failed in the circuit inside the rev counter . There are bits on the web on how to repair , but getting the case apart without too much damage is an art.
If that's the case it may be easier to get a new/second hand one. My fingers aren't what the used to be, neither are my eyes. Thanks
Regards Terry H
Just checked the cost of one of these £180 odd. May just look into getting a repair done by an auto electrician.
Regards Terry H
Hi Terry.

I modified my rev counter for electronic ignition a long time ago and I included instructions on its strip-down.

RVC Tacho Conversion

The strip-down instructions start about a third of the way down. Be careful on the re-assembly as there is a insulated washer in there that MUST go back where it came from. It may not be the same rev counter as yours but hopefully it should give you enough information to tackle the job.

I always take plenty of pictures before stripping anything down so I have something to refer back to.

Hope this may be of some help to you.
Thanks will have a look at that. I notice you have a V8 so the rev counter will be different but I don't know what the difference will be.
Regards Terry H