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Phil Robson

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After reading Dave3066's post about his V8, & its mileage of 130k, I thought it would be intersting to see whose P6s had done MOST miles, rather than the coveted cars with low mileage.

To start off - my V8S has done 143,000, but that certainly won't be the highest :)


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My TC has about 174000 miles. The last 50000 in my hands.
However it has a rebuilt engine and gearbox, and a replacement diff.

My red TC is up to about 182,000 mls. The motor's been rebuilt once and is due for another, but I think the gearbox and diff are original.


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Going by old MOTs and history my 2200TC's odometer stuck at about 79,000 miles in around 2006. I got the car in 2008, so I have no way of knowing for sure but would guees that it is still under 100,000??

While I like to admire low mileage concours cars and bow to the enthusiasm of their owners, I do also have a bit of soft spot for old cars with a good patina and sky high mileages that have been well maintained and are still going strong after many years. They perhaps have more of a story to tell?


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My Rover has 247,412 Miles (398,333km) showing. For a week in 1987 the speedo was being repaired, so the total distance is actually a touch more. When my Dad purchased the Rover in 1978 there was 21,912 Miles on the clock. Dad covered just on 18,000 Miles and all the rest have been with me. The original engine ran for 203,139 Miles.



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I had a feeling Ron's would be at the top of the list.

I think we can all aspire to reach the sort of mileage that car has done ...... and still be in such stunning condition.

At my current rate of mileage I'll catch up in 7 and a half years :shock:

The chatterbox had done about 139,400 miles on its original engine, but is now begging for a rebuild. There was also a 2000SC manual in Almond with red painted wheels, on ebay with 150,000 on its engine - again wanting a rebuild.

I've heard that the 3500S series 2 prototype had done about 500,000 but I'm not sure how many things had been replaced on it. Certainly, from the pictures, the interior at least did look quite ropey.
My old 2.2TC was showing 55k when the original engine chewed it's big end bearings, I'm presuming that would have actually been 155k, or it had a very hard life !
AOI 426, my 1969 3500 currently has 242,454 mile up. Just a bit behind Ron's.

Only work ever on the engine was to replace inlet manifold gasket in 2004. Unfortunately a bolt sheared and had to also remove a head. When head was off everything seemed in remarkably good condition.

Mine has definitely done at least 140000 miles, if not rather more.

According to the service manual, mine covered 35000 miles in the first 3 years of its life alone, but the details after that are less clear. More recently, it also seems to have passed several MOTs with the same mileage displayed on the odometer. Not to mention that the 5 speed conversion renders my speedometer/odometer less accurate, too...
Excellent! 8)

Mine's showing 68000, but I don't know if its gone round the clock or not. The odometer still works, the pedal rubbers aren't worn, nor is the steering wheel, but I think its had an interesting life... there are flower shaped marks on the bonnet in various places, where stickers have been stuck on it randomly, and left their mark, and the front edge of the bonnet has been blown in (badly), which would suggest stone chips, but unfortunately I don't have any of the old MOTs so can't say for sure. I wonder if the car was owned by a couple who drove off from their wedding in it, which might account for the sticker marks and the names George & Anne-Marie all round the boot mount wheel cover, as if it had been "decorated". The stickers have gone, but the adhesive marks remain..
That is an awful lot of miles, Ron! Well done!

To put in perspective against other vehicles, a UK High Speed Train running on the Paddington to South Wales and the West of England route does roughly this mileage in one year. They are now around 35 years old....... They have recently had their first engine change though.