Hif44 service kit + extras SOLD


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A brand new service kit for the Hif44 carbs (pair)
I ordered the kit some years ago for my car before I decided on an edelbrock carb instead. It was ordered with BAK needles to match a free flow air box mod as documented well on here.
I’m also including a new sealed set of gaskets, plastic insulators and o rings to suit the V8.

Burlen sell just the kit for £60

£45 for the lot please
Will post at cost

5704AE3A-E851-4F06-9A8E-900DF2324720.jpeg 991E3F73-F9AD-4D72-9681-4F3631971942.jpeg F1AEF595-500F-4855-B11E-B0FC29D4C030.jpeg A09675C8-E672-4F8F-9602-85A953ED08B6.jpeg F408FE86-AF91-4071-9441-ABA9EA58F2FF.jpeg