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I am now arranging collection of a "Barn find" P6 V8 with 50k on the clock, been in the barn since around 1985, very dry and other than dirt and a bit of body corrosion, it seems fairly good. I will strip and rebuild etc. I had one some 20 years ago, but then discovered cars with "air con" This rover is also on you tub, filmed by somebody else. The interior is a bit dusty but very dry and complete. no doubt I will be on this site a lot as only item i have never worked on is BW35 box.
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Crikey -thats a challenge -well done and welcome to the font of P6 knowledge.
BTW my P6 has factory A/C so you may be able to fulfil all your dreams with a P6.
You will find the blue boy a very handy unit for the work ahead.
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Sadly that experience is of no use on that car as it should be fitted with a BW65
well spotted thanks, looks like BW65 overhaul kits are available as well (not sure how good these overhaul kits are though), I expect all the old seals will be like brittle plastic and fluid like gunk.


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Wowser, that's a late car. Aircon you say and it's Brazilia Brown. What interior trim has it got?
The seats are a light brown felt / cloth (my description and I am sure there is a better / correct word for them) they appear to be very good and clean other than dusty, no tears, wear or rips, rest of interior is light brown as well.


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The reason I'm asking is because I was thinking with aircon and that colour with the Huntsman vinyl there'd be a remote possibility of this being the VIP model. This shares the trim materials with the early SD1. The seat fabric will be the same as this - brown nylon basically. The doors will also have side impact beams.

The headlining would also be this colour but all these often don't survive, so no guarantees. picture and chassis no would help. VIP numbers start with 861.

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The easiest way to find out is to ask what the rest of the registration number is please?

If it is a VIP, it's not on the current spreadsheet with the end of the registration from the second picture.

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Checked a few pics today of the interior, it does not have air con, The cars tax expired in 1985 and it has not moved since, so it was only on the road for about 10 years, I am going over to it tomorrow (currently 25 miles away from me) with a view of getting the wheels off to take away for "air or some replacement old boots", plus make sure all the wheels rotate and then the weekend after I hope to relocate the car to north Enfield. I will take some pics tomorrow as well. I have not been able to get into boot yet either, but seems ok from what I could tell from underneath, (no keys to open boot) I have a lock pic set and hope to get into the boot and have a good look tomorrow. I will also check all the possible rust points that are common as per YouTube mechanics video's showing all the horror points!
Hope to post some pics tomorrow evening.
Note: the other car in the pic is an ugly P100 ford pickup, again stored from around 1985 and could be a good project as it does not appear too rust laden. A Ford Capri is also here from the 1980's but missing bonnet, gill and boot lid.