Hi, I'm back again......

Howdy Gang,
Just wanted to say happy 2023 to this bunch of great people. I haven't been on here very much for a long time but that's just the way my life has been. I hope you've all been well, and I look forwards to catching up with you all in the forums more often :)
PS, no I haven't been in prison lol.
Hey there Oldskoolrob. Still got your Rover? What have ya been up to then, anything exciting?
Hey Mr Task, "Reg" the Rover has been brilliant! No more trouble and I take it on a cruise with our local car club about once a month. I haven't really been doing much else with it as I've been concentrating on spending time with my young fella (3years old) and working on my Cortina V8 conversion, along with work etc etc. In addition it looks like we might be moving in the next year or so and I reckon I'll only be able to take one 'toy' car with me, so it'll have to be the Cortina - I'll have to find Reg's next custodian. How have you been?


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Hope you find a good home for your Rover and get the right price for it. How's the V8 Cortina project coming along?
I'm muddling along, trying to keep on top of all the various things that keep going wrong with my old Rover! Sorted a leaky radiator last week, next issue is rectifying whatever is causing my new battery to drain... There's always something with these old toys, right?
Well I can finally actually fit the engine and box in the car with a new trans tunnel and mounts. Just going through the engine to check it's health and all signs are that it should be right to drop in as-is. Just doing things like replacing welch plugs and gaskets etc at the moment. The comes the hard part of fitting in all the cooling system and brakes etc as well. I have just been doing a bit at a time but now it looks like I'll be moving in the next couple of years I have to pull my finger out as I don't want to move with a car in two thousand pieces! Good luck with the electrics - that's black magic so far as I'm concerned!