Hi from the Yorkshire Dales

Rob or Bob, I've been called worse! Just bought a 2000SC automatic, unseen and wish I had. Never mind was cheap as chips. Purports to have only done 67k miles with old MOT's. Cameron Green, or so it says on the label. Has had sills, floor repair new wings, valances, bumper bars and a rubbish paint job. Looks sound underneath having had it on the lift, new brakes front and rear not long ago. couple of steering joint gaiters gone. Stainless exhaust fitted. Minilite wheels. Just on repairing the rear door bottoms as someone had riveted patches on and laid about 5kg of filler on top. Now welded in properly and just waiting for paint to arrive. Looking forward to using the car. I had a V8s in the early eighties and loved the thing. Have a rattle on the engine on idle only. Will be investigating. First show outing will be Ripon 28th July.
Will post some pics when painted. Still sat in the booth right now waiting for colour. Till then pic below with standard wheels on while bodywork is being done.



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bought the 2000SC automatic, unseen, classic! still courage is a virtue and you sound like a car mechanic from your post, photo loos good, I always loved the autos, started with Rover 2000 auto back in 1976 moved onto a 2200TC 3 years later, loved those cars, so you sorted it in time for the show Jasper!! nice going
Car was very cheap and yes I do have a workshop though I'm retired. Paintwork is rubbish but it has cut and buffed not too bad for now. Drives very well. Steering felt a bit wayward, but after checking tyre pressures and finding the fronts at 48psi, think that may have been the reason for the lack of feel eh? All fine now. just doing the door bottoms then first show outing will be Ripon on the 28th.