Help in replacing gearbox mount

Hi guys...after 6 months of very happy motoring with my P6 I had to send it to WoF yesterday and it failed due to worn out gearbox mount. I have ordered on from Scott Old Rubber in OZ but wondering if I can take on this project. Firstly is it hard? And secondly where is this mount? Are there two or one piece? Any tips or step by steps process you guys can help on? Searched the forum high and low but can't find anything on it.

cheers guys.
Just went under the car and saw the mount and it's missing at quarter of the rubber. Trying to figure out how to undo the bolt and remove the rubber. Does not look very straightforward. Any help would be great.


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BW35? If so you remove the housing that the bush sits in and press the mounting out and in on the bench. The hole in the mounting is off centre so you have to make sure you press it in in the correct position. There are two types of mounting rubber according to the rear crossmember type your car has.

These are the two types.

Automatic Gearbox / Extention Housing Mountings.jpg
Thanks Harvey, it's a challenge removing that part. And it is BW35. Will have to figure out what's the best way forward. thanks again for your input.


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Support the rear of the gearbox and IIRC remove the crossmember and mounting housing as one, then dismantle on the bench and press the mounting out and in.


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That's not the mount. I'm fairly sure there's an eBay seller who has them sometimes, perhaps rather pricey though..
I have a spare mounting assembly with good condition bush from Harvey a few years back that I never used, since I decided to use another gearbox. I even polished the aluminium housing..
If you have no luck I'd sell you it, bonus being you wouldn't need to press the bushes in and out.

clive P62

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Hi,Yes complete mount assembly is available on Ebay from in rover p6 parts,name of Voking 2000.
Your right they have never been a cheap item, paid nearly the asking price now 10 years ago.

your mount should be the one on the right of Harvey's picture. Part 572922 You only need the circular bit, which presses in and out as Harvey said. To get to it youneed to jack the car up on stands so youcan get underneath the middle of it. then support the gearbox under its sump or toward the rear but not on the mount piece as that's what you are taking off. the correct mount rubber does have an offset pin but many of the NZ assembled cars didn't so don't be worried if yours doesn't but try to put back the same sort you took out as the rest of the mounting has some small differences in the shimming to make up for it (its all on the part the bolt holds on though and you are leaving that in place)The little mounting block that youtake off should have either a steel shim abount 1mm thick or a bracket for the exhaust clamped between it and the gearbox. If the latter you might have to undo the exhaust clamp end so you can get the horizontal bolts in and out. Try to avoid taking it off the pipe though as they can be a pain to line up again later. And wire brush the ends of the U bolt threads to get the rust off before you try to undo the nuts. Local garage should be able to do the press for you. Take the big long crossways bolt out first , then the others