Hello - Just saying Hi and introducing myself

My P6 is a '74 3500 Auto and her name is Big Bess. I have had her for around 4 years now, taking over from my daughter who had her for around 3 years before that. I live in Derby.

I have been a P6ROC Member (0464) for those years but would now like to expand my conversations with those of a similar ilk. I perhaps won't be logging on every week, but would like to keep in touch, and maybe see some of you at a meeting sometime.

Bess is on the road, but in storage for the winter months. She is in fine fettle, resprayed around 4 years ago but being red she typically need a good "bottoming" to bring out a shine again.
Hi, I am a relative newbie (gawd I hate that label) to the Rover P6 Scene. I have a 74 3500 V8 too. Had her about a year now, in very good order a bit like your Bess.

I intend to take it to the national show in June, why not come too, it would be good to have some moral support from another newcomer (thats a better phrase). Its a bit of a run from Derby, but should be well worth it.

Commit yourself now, and your more likely to take part. Think its 25 quid, and if youve never been to Duxford Areodrome, its well worth the visit.



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Hi Jetis,

As Richard says, there's a few of us in the Derby (well Nottingham for me) area so we'll hopefully see you around. Maybe we should have a little convoy from the East Midlands down to the National at Duxford? :)

Thanks for the welcome, I will look at the dates and try and make some plans. Please keep in touch with what you are doing.

As regarding Bess, I have invested in a 240V car polisher, one recommended by Practical Classics Magazine, and it has brought out a smashing shine again. Roll on some good weather, some sun-shine!