Hello from Pontefract

Hi Ive had lots of really useful information from you guys over the last 2 years while ive been restoring my 3500s which is now nearing completion,
is there anyone can help me to tell the difference between a left and right hand over rider, I have NOS and im trying to fit the front ones to the bumper before i get my car back from the painters in about a week, but using the part numbers to identify L or R there looking out and just dont look right, im wondering if they could have been in the wrong boxes, I cant try the rear at the moment as its still at the rechromers,


Phil Robson

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Hi David & welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you’v got them the wrong way round - they should face forward when fitted correctly.
Hi Phil, Thanks for the reply, ill have another look tomorrow but its difficult to tell without it been fitted to the car, hope to have it back soon,
I could be quite wrong but as far as I know they are identical
Hi Mike, There definitely handed, if you stand them up one leans to the left and one to the right, when there on the bumper neither one looks square to what be front of the car if that makes sense, probably look different when its on the car, just trying to get as much ready before i get the car back, its been 2 years and i want to get it finished asap,if anyones got the time a couple of photos looking from above would help,