Hello from Newcastle NSW Australia


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Great to have you here Tom.
Hive of info coming your way.
We need lots of pics to back up your requests


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Thank you GRTV8, pictures will follow as soon as Rover is registered and on the road. At the moment the main issue is fitment of a new choke cable, setting the carbies and fitting a new de dion gaitor. I must confess I find motorcycles somewhat easier to work on than any car. Cheers Tom


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Hello Tom,

Welcome to the forum and to the joys of Rover ownership. We look forward to seeing photos of your Rover in due course :)

Hi Tom,
Great to hear of another 4 Cylinder P6 here in Newy. I'm local. Have rebuilt my car mechanically and am currently doing the body. Happy to help.


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Welcome Tom
I guess you are limited in how far you can enjoy it at present.
Hope you are out of lockdown soon.
keep safe and well
Cheers from south of the border


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Thank you all for the warm welcome. Very much appreciated indeed. I will get some piccies up as soon as the P6 is registerted and mobile.
PNP, we may be able to meet up on Aug. 21 at the all British Car Day at the foreshore if it is still on.
MikeMelb, yes we are limited a bit as far as travelling is concerned. Actually, my P6 hails from south of the border and I enjoyed driving it home to Newcastle. We are lucky in that we are not locked down yet.
SydneyRover P6B, A good friend of mine , who is also a British car buff, said ' you will either enjoy Rover ownership or you will be extremely frustrated}". I hope it is the former.
Oldskoolrob, Methinks you are probably more cluey than you care to admit. I am looking forward to gleaning a lot of knowledge on this forum as this project proceeds.
I am also tinkering with a 1992 BMW R100R motorcycle at the moment.
Thank you for the welcome jp928. It is a great forum with lots of information. I will post pictures as soon as the car is on the road which should not be that far off. Cheers Tom