Hello from Coventry

Looking through the forum it sounds and looks like there are some cracking motors out there!
Being the custodian of a P1 from 1937 I am looking for any assistance to keep her (Jenny) on the road. Would love a P5B or P6 but that's a future exploit as Jenny keeps me on my toes and have limited space.
Regards all
Ian P


very nice :) though you should not be sent to .... Coventry ( poor joke) Have a mate with a rover p5b and he is in love with it. daily use virtually. mind you it is in very good condition. I'd have a second car but like you no room and as finances are always stretched now retired .. can't afford one I have but won't. part with her lol. do enjoy yours though .:D
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Hi All,
Responses are appreciated, as for the pic, now you mention it , it does look a bit odd!!
I have to say though that I can't admit to the restoration work, this was done by a very clever chap in Cov some 30 years ago but was stood around for a few years until we took it on in 2016. Now MOT'd and used every weekend!!
Keeps me out of the Pub!! (Well nearly) :) Jenny.jpg