Heater box teardown and rebuild


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I must admit that with the bonnet off you have more natural light available while you work, and there is no risk to bang your head on it!
As Dave says taking it off is not that bad, however, having to align it again at refitting is not exactly straightforward, even if you try and mark the position of the hinges. Get the alignment wrong, and you 'd better have the grille off too, because the lock wouldn't want to release easily.
Hi All,

Hope it’s not too late to jump on this. I’ve stripped my heater box but need to know what’s best to replace the foam seals with. I’ve seen 3mm scrim foam online but also seen mention of neoprene. Also some of them seem to be maybe a 5mm thickness.

I would certainly appreciate contact details for Alexandra P as I’m not on Facebook and quick look doesn’t show any details for her.

For the record no bonnet removal required. Scuttle comes out fairly easy am I’m a blunt tool at that.