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Heater box "elbows"?

Discussion in 'Rover P6 Bodywork & Interior' started by transexl, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. transexl

    transexl Member

    Guten Morgen zusammen

    Only yesterday I discovered that I did NOT order the tubes that lead from the top level of the heater box right into the long draining tubes on either side.
    To be quite honest: I did NOT see them in either heater box that I posess - not in Jimmys nor the canibalized one.

    I thought i read somewhere that they are called "elbows", but I cannot remember where I might have seen them.

    Can somebody PLEASE point me in the right direction as I am fed up with not finding the heater box guts listed anywhere and not knowing even the right monniker for the parts... .

    DANKE SEHR and

    have a VERY nice weekend!

  2. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    The heater drain tubes are available to buy,and connect to the side of the heaterbox via an oval metal bracket.
    Any internal metal or rubber bit for the heater will only be available s/h if you can find them.
    Contact MGBD or Wins for a price and p/p on drain tubes,but about £20-£25 a pair.
  3. transexl

    transexl Member


    Seems like none of the above nor ScottsOldAutoRubber have the elbows - Geoff and Marc have even never seen new ones... .

    Ideas for an improvisation?
    I am not shy of insalling something non-original, but there must be more than one way of fitting some tubes into there that do the job properly.
    For instance, I would love to fit them flush with the upper surface :? ... .
  4. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    The part you need is not available new old stock or repro,so you will have to improvise or leave them out and block that section up.
    You could use the 90 angle from some modern hose or off a scrap car to fabricate and glue in a solution.
    Yours have either disintegrated or were not sorted if the heaterbox has ever been overhauled before.
  5. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    They are not shown in my parts book as a replacement part you could ever buy back in the 60/70's.
  6. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    They actually have nothing to do with the operation of the heater.
    They and the long drainage tubes are there to aid the flow of water from rain or car washing off the front windscreen wiper scuttle panel to stop it getting into the heater or bulkhead.
    The main cause of rotten heaterboxes is when these leak and water gets into the box workings,and settles.
  7. transexl

    transexl Member

    Exactly what I figured :)

    DANKE Pilkie :!:

    I thought about blocking the section - but the drain tubes are there for a reason, as you stated :wink:

    What if I block that level?
    I considered installing new tubes, maybe to the sides of the area, maybe a bit thinner for lack of space, but that sounds like a risk to me... .

    (... and again you are the one that has fine heater box parts and rubs them RIGHT under my nose!!! :lol: )
  8. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    22mm 'end feed' plumbing elbows fit snugly over the rubber bits shown in that photo. I used a pair of them with the original flanges fixed on with Araldite. A section of flexible plastic pipe fed over them and the job's a good'un.
    Just be careful to angle one of them so that it doesn't jam the wipers. (I learnt that the hard way!)
    I'll post a photo tomorrow, meanwhile these are the fittings you need:
  9. transexl

    transexl Member




    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  10. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    Willy,its those rubber bits in the photo we are talking about replacing.
    They are 90deg angle shaped inside the box itself and the rubber goes bad and then they leak into the box itself.
    Not the exterior drainage tubes angles.
  11. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    Very possible to blank the whole section off so water goes round it and drains off the side with the rest of any rain.
    Or blank them off and go in from the side of that section.
    Pic is of a great heaterbox I got for £15 at an autojumble,even the original flap foam is excellent.
    Must of come out of a car that was written off very early in its life and broken for spares then never used.
  12. transexl

    transexl Member

    ... and must have been stored in VERY good conditions.
    I would not have believed that such a good one might exist after what I have seen.

    That the foam is still there is bordering on the miraculous, in my opinion :!: :shock:
  13. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Really? I find that those survive reasonably well. It's the outers that turn to mush.

    But my standards are probably lower than yours.
  14. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    No different standards at all!
    They seem to be either good or gone bad.
    Near impossible to get this part as NOS replacement.
    If a heater still has good ones,great,if not then it can cause a problem.
    Either don't use car in rain or wash with hose pipe to prevent leakage into bulkhead area and feet.
    Outers are subject to more heat and oil splatter etc,so go manky quicker.
  15. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    My home brewed solution to the outer elbows:
  16. transexl

    transexl Member

    ... looks the business, nice one!!! :)

    But what about the inner ones?
    I dare say that it is much more difficult to home-brew one of those... :cry:
  17. Pilkie

    Pilkie Active Member

    You can buy replacement outer pipes that have the elbow already on them. :wink:
    Look neater and not expensive either.

    Attached Files:

  18. transexl

    transexl Member

    PLEASE Pilkie,

    not you as well!

    That is not the elbow!!!
    The two pieces of tube i fumbeled out of my spare box yesterday are short (about 10 cm), bent quite remarkably and have a rim around each end.
    One end protrudes over the rim a bit and sticks out of the heater box in the below orifice - AS YOU KNOW!

    The outer tubes that you show above do fit VERY nicely over that protruding end with their brackets. These brackets fit over the rim that the above tubes have.

    Mind you:
    Maybe I could make "elbows" out of outer tubes as the rim seems to be suitable :!: :shock:
  19. transexl

    transexl Member

    Boy, I cannot take a joke on this one.
    I am sorry, lads :!: :oops:

    Pilkie, where did you get these if they are new ones?
    The ones I bought are not half as good... .
  20. transexl

    transexl Member

    Hi everybody

    I met two nice guys that run a firm building parts made of plastic (like p6 translucent light switches or rear light glasses) or vulcanized (!) rubber.

    They asked me how many "inner elbows" I could sell... .

    I´d LOVE to have good new ones!
    Any takers?

    Liebe Grüße!!


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