Headlight Conversion Options


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Hi all,

Had (another) sealed beam unit go the other day so ordered a halogen light kit. All fitted and working fine but realize that I should also upgrade the wiring to include relays to cope with the higher current loadings before I do any long night time stints. I presume the best place to take a live feed from (on a V8) will be from the starter solenoid to the relay - lights and the headlight wires will operate the relay 'switch'. Before I do this however has anyone fitted to H1 & H4 LED bulbs (approx. 10w current) that theoretically should do away with any need for new wiring, and what results they had?

Phil Robson

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My Series 1 V8 has halogen lights fitted without any relays. I use the '50% brighter' sort of bulbs from Halfords etc & they are better than standard sealed beams but not hugely.

I keep meaning to do a 'proper' upgrade but never seem to get round to it, which I should because I need something to challenge all the newer blinding lights I meet in my all-year-round driving :confused:


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My S1 has a Halogen H4 conversion without relays. Halogen gives more light for the same current draw so you aren't adding to the stresses already on the lightswitch. It isn't the wiring, it's the arc burning of the switch contacts as you close them over time.