Head gasket query P2000 SC

I purchased a head set for my 1973 2000 sc and the gasket sent to me is metal both sides with what looks like composite centre. My car according to Wadhams website should be a composite as opposed to all metal. Unfortunately the gasket wont go over a location dowl on the front timing chain area as its too small, anybody know if they have had this problem before or do i have the wrong gasket? The one i removed was composite on both sides.


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I remember the very early cars having a 2 piece metal shim gasket, later modified to one piece, and then when the block changed, a composite gasket, but I can't remember seeing composite sandwiched between 2 metal shims. The fact that it won't fit over the dowel isn't a good sign.
The composite gasket was a 2200 innovation I think, what Eddy describes is correct and the only head gasket I used back inthe day, except for a couple of very early engines that had the two piece metal one. The BL number was GEG 311.

However, not fitting over the dowel pin does sound suspicious. IMG_2442.jpg IMG_2443.jpg
Spoken with Wadhams today and they confirmed my gasket sent to me (same as in these pictures) is correct for the 2000cc but have not come across one not fitting over the locating dowl. The full composite gasket I took off is for the 2200 only so maybe someone fitted the wrong one in the first place. My bore is 85mm so definitely a 2000. 2200 is 90mm. Going to enlarge the locating hole and fit it and hopefully be OK.