"Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

Phil Robson

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All back together again now, with its new numberplate :D


I'm convinced it was the right choice. Here is a comparison of old & new:


It certainly lifts the car, even when a bit mucky working for a living.....


Phil Robson

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Our son, daughter & I took BOP & Hazel out for a picture or two yesterday (an ideal Christmas Day activity!) & all went well until Hazel suddenly expired. The engine spun over well but did not start. Fortunately we were near home & towed it very slowly back the short distance.

Today it started & ran very well for about 30 seconds then died again & I've only been able to start it for a few moments since. Both fuel & spark are good & the timing/points etc are OK (it ran really well for a short time).

Is it a condenser issue? I did replace this a few weeks ago but reading elsewhere on here they're about as reliable as snow at Christmas :p


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Run it until it dies then check for a spark.
If it stops then starts right up, start it with a plug on the end of a lead on top of the engine and run it until it stops watching the plug. That way you will see if the motor stops becsuse of lack of spark.
If it does it may be condenser or coil.

Phil Robson

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Thanks for your suggestions guys. I tried one or two things without success then changed the 'new' condenser & like magic Hazel is running pefectly again!

Anyway, here are a couple of shots taken on Christmas Day, inspired by taking part in a Practical Classics photoshoot 22 years ago (Feb '98 magazine). It's a case of getting the camera shutter speed correct as the cars are only doing about 20 mph, but the photo car is bumping the camera up & down :(.

Don't worry, the road was very quiet :cool:



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Just a bit of work on the n/s/r door over the last week or so:



It was letting the car down, so I rebuilt the back flange & then made this piece to fit. I haven't sprayed it yet though, but the primer now on it looks better than the rust!

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Hazel's just having her front pads renewed. The driver's side were almost gone, whereas the passenger's were still very much in good health. I'm not sure how that has happened as the brakes always work well & were evenly matched at a recent MOT o_O


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Hazel back out & about:


Despite the blue sky in the distance, I had to wait a while for the sun to shine on the car. For those of you interested in old railways, the trackbed of the former 'Malton & Driffield Junction Railway' passes through the middle distance in this picture; Malton going left & Driffield to the right. The photo is taken on the North Yorkshire / East Yorkshire boundary near Fimber.

It was a trip out for my elderly mother after 13 weeks inside, but now in an extended family "bubble"so outings can resume. My late father & mother owned a '67 TC & a '73 TC before 2 x SD1s. Obviously where my P6 fixation came from! (I'm a fan of SD1s, too ;))

Phil Robson

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Hazel has had some starting issues recently & this manifested itself in traffic after cutting out.

I traced the problem to a crack in the fuel filter as I saw the fuel level wasn't being maintained when it was cranked over (& the carb bowl had no fuel in it :oops:). It was a pattern filter which the olives don't fit very well, so I'd shaved some plastic off & this had obviously weakened it. The fuel was leaking out rather than getting to the carbs.


It all looked a bit desperate & under Covid restrictions the AA will take a car home but not its passengers. As we were only around 12 miles from home I came up with a bodge that did the trick. By sacrificing a non-working expansion tank hose (more about that another time) I reconnected the fuel line without the filter. It ran superbly after that!



I replaced the errant filter with a working used one I had (always handy to hang on to these things) & will now get an original filter :cool:
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That was a really bad design with those filters. Have used a few of them and it is hit or miss.

If they had just made them an bit longer you would have been able slice the barb off rather than cut.