Hello everybody , whe are having a problem with the handbrake. Whe done a overhauling one the rear calibers this whent very well . Butt problems begon with the handbrake. We are not able to get tension on the cable. Does anyone have and idea what doing wrong. Should whe chance the cabel ore is There And other solution wood it be possibel tho ad some picture of wat whe need tho do .Thanks you very much in advance.


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When the cable is connected to the calipers, and the lever is pulled up, do the quadrants on the caliper move their full travel without the discs locking?
Disconnect the handbrake where it attaches to the ns linkage and then work each caliper linkage until it will work no more, assuming calipers have been rebuilt properly, reattach handbrake linkage and it should work, pads should be just scraping disc and when handbrake applied lock both wheels, if not take calipers off and see what's wrong