These things can be a pain to trace. Just to give you an idea on things to look at, does the light on your radio stay on all the time? that would kill the battery over night, and it should not be on unless the radio is on. Indicates an internal problem in the radio. This will kill even a good battery overnight.. You also did not mention if it was a stock radio. If aftermarket,and a digital unit, and it has a clock in it, the clock always works, but with the ignition off, you should see absolutely no display on the radio, for instance, the clock or station feature. If you have a stock clock, disconnect it and see if the problem goes away. Same with the dome light. Often, but not always, you can disconnect the hot lead from your battery, with everything shut off, and the key out of the ignition, take the hot lead and strike it against the positive terminal of the battery (assuming this is a negative earth car). It's a quick and dirty test, but if it sparks, you've got something pulling current out of the battery, indicative of a short, many times in one of the items I've just mentioned. Hope this helps.
I also just noticed you've got an electronic ignition installed. Not likely, but it is possible that you are pulling current there with the ignition off. I think, after the quick and dirty test I described above, if you do get a spark when striking the battery terminal against the battery positive post, disconnect one thing at a time, door light switches, clock, radio, horn, boot light, bonnet light , if equipped with it, etc. Will take several days, but if you aren't an automotive electrical repair man, you will eventually find the problem. Would help if you had a spare battery to borrow. Charge one overnight while while the other is in the car.

Years ago, I had a 1969 Chevrolet with a manual wind clock that did not stay lit with the car off, but the clock light continued to pull current. In cool to cold weather, it would kill a battery over night. Drove me insane for two weeks!
You could just fit a battery isolator, not the ideal fix, but it would at least allow you to use the car without having to charge it every day.
Plus if you do keep letting the battery go very flat it will kill it pretty quickly.