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Glad to say Beryl has been running well recently. After her sortie out on the track the other week I did notice the brake pedal was dropping a little lower. Along with it the handbrake was getting higher. I popped under the back end and sure enough the RHS caliper could be waggled a fair amount. Not wanting to dismantle the whole thing I removed the cover with the caliper in place and tried moving the serrated wheel of j the adjuster. Sure enough it wasn’t moving easily, so a little silicon spray and teasing it started to move freely again. I’ve moved it to the correct place and I’ll keep an eye on things. With luck she’s back to self adjusting, I guess the heavy use got them a little warm?

I’ve just adjusted the valves for the first time in a good while. The car was still ok at idle but not great on warm days. After measuring the clearances I found all the intakes 0.001” too tight. Well all but in no. 2 cyl as I must have mixed up something in the past. That was at 0.012” (my guess is I adjusted it to exhaust spec). So now all valves are in the middle of their range again. It surprises me how smooth these engines can be when you’re not an idiot (like me) and the clearances are in spec.


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Cross posting from my question on the electrics forum:

Beryl had to take the flatbed of shame this week. I lost battery power while on the garden state parkway at 6pm in the dark at 70mph.

When I got home I found the battery was charging fine and when started the next day I was getting 14.2v at idle. Quite the head scratcher. I took it for a 15 min test drive and then measured the volts at idle again. It was showing 12v and slowly dropping. Something was obviously failing when warm. The car still had its 11AC alternator, external regulator, and 3AW unit in place. It’s about time to modernise the charging system I thought. After some help on here and a bit of research I was able to find a Lucas A127 meant for a Defender available here in the states.

I fitted the new A127 today. Smaller pulley as others have mentioned but seems fine. I had to shim the pulley, the pivot for the adjustment strap and the bottom mounting bolt slightly so the new belt would be aligned with the other pulleys (I have the long nose water pump for ref). Belt was 930mm and is now 900mm in length, it could be 910mm for a perfect fit I think.

The new alternator has studs instead of spade connectors, so I added ring terminals with heat shrink to make sure they stayed clean. I was alble to use the existing 10 gauge wire to the + terminal of the solenoid and the AL (ign light) wire that used to go to the 3AW unit and bridged the wire from the alternator to the ign light with a small tail with two insulated male spades, again heat shrinked to ensure they were sealed.
I’m glad to report that everything works and the charge continues after ten mins of driving. I’m a happy bunny and have extra juice if I decide to add an electric cooling fan or halogen headlamps.
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