Getting around to those pesky things that make life easier


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Been there, done that! Well worth doing. I'm just getting to the point of running out of drawer space. I dismantled and painted my rollcab a few years back, bought a cuboard/drawers rollcab and cut that down to just the drawers to make a topbox for the rollcab, and then bought a couple of side drawer units and managed to fit the whole lot together even though they are all different makes. The whole combo weighs over a third of a ton empty, I hate to think what it weighs with all the tools in it.


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Oh no no no, that won't do at all. There is a small hex driver in the ironclad row near the bottom that is out of sync.

But I expect you had socket blindness by then :)


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Are you not supposed to sit there all night cleaning and polishing every socket ;)
Looking great so nice to just have tools in one place and know where something is :cool:


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There's a bit too much know, that stuff in there as well for my liking...
Ha, well it’s about half and half AF and Metric, there’s some nice chunky German branded whitworth sockets in the larger sizes there too, can’t remember the brand right now