GAN 340 J


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I am considering selling GAN 340J due to imminent storage issues.

Owned for 12 years and always dry stored.

Please see members projects for extent of works carried out and detailed pictures.

Genuinely rust free to all usual suspect areas.

Surely one of the best base units available - with modern jacking points incorporated.

Since last update engine has been refreshed with - cam / lifters / oil pump / chain / skimmed sd1 heads etc (still on engine stand)

Lots of goodies hoarded - including but not limited to - sundym - power steering kit - complete mint black box pleat leather - updated arb - nada bonnet - new series 1 grill - good series 1 grill badge - several sets of wheels inc wolfrace & Jensen - numerous shiny badges & bits........lots of good panels - you get the picture

No parts will be sold separately unless car is sold first.

Please only genuine interest via message as this is a difficult sale

To sum up - if you are prepared to paint & assemble (Zircon 2 pack supplied) you will have a stunning car without years of welding misery.

Difficult to price the car - but an ‘original spec’ option.
The car as original - complete.
Refreshed engine on stand & BW35 box
Series 2 bonnet ‘ grills etc
Perfect bonnet badge.
Zircon 2 pack paint
New engraved black Perspex plates (correct sized rear)
Plain glass
Sandalwood interior (2 x sets of seats)
Choice of steel wheels with S / original trims or wolfrace mags (on car at present)
All stainless trims - badges - good screen rubbers etc


I think a fair price - less than welding labour cost alone

As well as the optional parts above - I still have the rolling panel donor car with good V8 & BW65 still fitted.

**PACKAGE PRICE FOR ALL LISTED ABOVE £4,350.00** (I turned down £800 offer for box pleat seats)

Regards Mark
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Sorry to hear you may be losing the car :(

Best to put a price on it, and links to the build threads


It's a bargain for someone in a position to store the parts & car. And as many of us know, storage can be the biggest issue.
With two cars currently away being recommissioned l know what a good price that is. :LOL:

Good luck with the sale.