Fuse box

Hi guys from the time i got the car, the fuse box was somerhing I never paid attention to. That is until the lights started to play tricks on me and Al helped to sort it out.
I then got very interested in the job of the fuse box and read the Haynes manual. There are 4 fuses, 35, 35, 15 and 2amp. The strangest thing is that my fuse box always had 35, 35, 15. I think the car never followed the wiring based what the manual indicated. The fuse box is also missing one clip as it has broken off before..probably decades ago. And there is a wire coonected the flat pin at the top but not wire connected at the bottom of the pin, if that makes sense. Is this all normal? If it is not, what should I do to rectify it. Any idea where I can buy a replacement fuse box for S1 V8?

I recently took it apart and cleaned it up as much as i can and all electricals work OK, except the fuel gauge.


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Fuse box can be replaced for under a tenner. Ebay a Lucas 7FJ.

What's probably happened is the panel lighting has been moved to another fuse.


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I replaced mine as the spring clips no longer held the fuses properly and bending them back didn't help ans they became weaker. What I should have done as originality isn't my main concern is simply fitted a blade fuse holder instead as its a better and safer all-round solution. I could have used an 8 or 10 way one and then moved high-current items and accessories to separate fuses (screen heater, electric engine fan, fog lamps etc.). As I'm fitting PAS and a S2 instrument panel, I'll likely do this anyway.