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Fuel vapourisation... A problem when new?!

Discussion in 'Rover P5 and P6 V8 Engine' started by grifterkid, May 6, 2010.

  1. Johnnybgood

    Johnnybgood Member

    My V8 vapour locks in hot standing traffic. It has an electric fuel pump under the bonnet, electronic ignition, a new radiator. The only thing I haven't done is replace and/or reroute the fuel line that runs between the carbs. Quite why they run it down and across a hot inlet manifold is a mystery.
  2. cobraboy

    cobraboy Well-Known Member

    Undo the unions and rotate the inter carb line up and away from the intake, and lag with a thermal sock.
  3. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    Are you sure it vapour locks and that the pump isnt overwhelming the carbs and dumping petrol causing it to cut out?

    I have the Huco pump but had to add a regulator in order to prevent the carb being overwhelmed when standing in traffic for long periods... Some people get away without a regulator but i wasnt that lucky. The fuel delivery is spiky it seems.
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  4. Neilr

    Neilr Member

    I suffer from the same issue. Only stalls when in long queues. Remove air filter elbows and put fuel into carbs it boils immediately. Heat is all at top of engine/inlet manifold allowing the carbs to get too hot. I have yet to fit an electric pump to see if this help, but I am looking to find away to get the heat out of the top of the engine bay. This as far as I can see will stop the fuel boiling in the carbs. This has caught me out 3 times now the first time when it stopped when I was stuck in traffic bringing it home when I bought it the second waiting to get into Enfield Pageant and the third waiting in queue to get into Uxbridge show. This Is why I am trying to get hazard lights to work!!!
  5. Thijs Leuven

    Thijs Leuven Member

  6. Quagmire

    Quagmire Active Member

    I fitted a cylindrical facet pump to the rear of the car NADA style and never had a single vaporisation issue afterwards, even on some 35 degree days!

    Prior to this it would usually catch me out in heavy traffic or after stopping the car for a short period in hot weather, like when you are filling up. A couple of times it died just before I pulled onto the A316, a few hundred metres after pulling out of the petrol station... if i had made it a bit further before it conked out it would have been a nightmare!
  7. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    The NADA cars have koozies around the float chambers (HS6 carbs IIRC?) Joe Curto sells modern versions on his website Float Bowl Koozies - JOE CURTO, INC.

    I had a similar problem with the HIF6s on my 2200TC over here in hot weather and had to add extra heat proofing. Not sure how far you can go with HIF6s on a 3500 though.
  8. Johnnybgood

    Johnnybgood Member

    I have an electric fuel pump on my V8, and electronic ignition too. I still get vapour lock in hot traffic. The float bowl koozies look like a good idea, but I dread to think how much they'd cost to send to the UK. I've seen similar material for use on fuel lines too. Time to play under the bonnet again I think!
  9. So Cal V8

    So Cal V8 Active Member

    I don't think it would be so expensive as to require dread... they are small and light and the company is based on the East Coast - $5 - $15 max, at a guess.
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  10. Johnnybgood

    Johnnybgood Member

    I just got a reply from Joe Curto about the Koozies. He dosn't do them for the HIF6 yet. The others that he does make are $35 each.
  11. cobraboy

    cobraboy Well-Known Member

    I think I would get a hold of some sheet thermal wrap and make my own, if I had a vapour lock problem, which I don't. I never did when on the HIF6 and don't with the HS8 and the float bowls on the HS8 touch the rocker covers !
    Could be that the fuel is going through so fast it aint got time to get hot :D
  12. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Are you both still suffering with this problem?
  13. Neilr

    Neilr Member

    Harvey yes still suffering. I have now bought a 74 degree thermostat to try and see if that makes any difference. Just need to find time to fit it. I have also noticed very slight play in water pump bearing. So will change that too. Can only try these things.
  14. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    I'll send you a PM.
  15. Quagmire

    Quagmire Active Member

    Just a thought, is your timing all setup and advancing ok? Running too retarded can make things quite hot...

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