Fuel pipe size.

I am just about to order a Huco 133010 suction fuel pump, which will be fitted in the engine compartment.

Question is what size fuel hose will i need? i intend connecting the new pump inlet to the existing black fuel pipe that runs around the back of the engine, and plumbing the out let into the existing black pipe between the old pump and the filter.

1 What internal diameter hose connects to the pump?

2 What is the internal diameter of the black fuel pipe which runs around the back of the engine?

Once i have both sizes i will be able to order the correct size reducers at the same time, thought i would ask the question rather than guessing and getting all the wrong parts.

Many thanks in advance
Regards Steve.


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The Huco fittings go into 5/16"(8mm) ID pipes, with a hose clamp obviously. This is a common size for Carburettor systems. I connected the inlet hose directly to the end of the metal tube along the side of the block (already cut by PO) without difficulty. I have also covered the whole length of the metal tube with a heat resistant tube (Firesleeve) to protect it from exhaust heat. The black nylon pipe material is a real PITA to get anything inside - in my experience it needs heat to soften it enough to do that.