Front struts

This has probably been discussed before but are all front struts the same between models? I have two old ones from a 2200sc that I was going to overhaul to fit to my early 2000 that has Dunlop brakes.


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Dunlop pillars are different to Girling. Can't be more specific on the actual differences, it's just a random thing rattling around in my head.
And there are two versions of the Girling strut, early (pre-1968–9) which use a metal brake pipe clipped to the strut and the brake hose at the top of the pillar, and late which get rid of the long pipe in favour of a short one to a tab about halfway up, and then the brake hose.

The ones I was going to do up had a tab half way up the tube but had corroded off. Haven't looked at the ones on my car yet to see the difference