Front Spring Boing


When I come up the driveway for example and make a turn up the hill leading to some longer than normal driving spring travel there is a springy boinging noise that comes from the front (although not currently as the engine is removed). I have attached some pics and I wonder if anyone has comments about something that might be wrong. Note the tyres are not on the ground. When under normal load the springs are somewhat curved upwards. I am wondering if the supplier sent me the wrong springs.....

Adrian 54C2852B-2FBF-43CF-9A87-B5631BEE7D2D.jpeg 54C2852B-2FBF-43CF-9A87-B5631BEE7D2D.jpeg DA26B10B-3F0F-4BFC-A5A2-773CF77027F1.jpeg 3D4C137C-3D6B-4AA5-A7C6-674AF4101943.jpeg 4C12429B-E045-4C95-91D5-D316354D5640.jpeg 2E775020-177C-4137-9AD1-525198A612CF.jpeg 97E44194-8BE1-4D91-8C4C-7F8BFFD8CAB2.jpeg E706B31B-AEF5-4E68-B9FB-4F0E4C6942A4.jpeg


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Normally boings point to cracked springs (Yours look perfect though). Is there any sort of rubber membrane between the spring and the spring seat? If not that could cause it, although I don't recall if P6's have those.

I checked the roll bar clamps and they were not loose although there was scope to tighten them up slightly. I wonder if there are pics of what they should look like when stationary under load? Maybe mine are more curved than they should be. It is definitely not a "slight" curve. Also the springs did not have the flattened end, which makes me suspicious about them.


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Adrian at the risk of repeating what's been said, are you absolutely sure the rubbers are there? The side on photo doesn't look quite right to me.
Here's a comparison with a borrowed pic of Ron's car

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 4.59.14 PM.png

Thanks for the comments. The rubbers are there but the cup on mine is quite a bit thinner round the edge so it looks different. Poking with a screwdriver shows it’s definitely rubber.

I have attached a close up pic of where the spring meets the cup so you can (maybe) see how it is somewhat deforming to account for the fact that the spring end is not fully flattened.

I am starting to think I should just bin them completely although using the word “just” for front spring replacement is not that appropriate to say the least. Ugh. 50ABA59F-E9CA-424D-AB7E-8C02706F9AEC.jpeg