Front seat foam

could do with new foam myself .current ones starting to shed bits of foam ! 74 p6 auto. 3500. try Wins international though Wadhams. do sell stuff too. Have visited Wins in east grinstead .helpful bloke lot of stuff there too. good luck :)
You have to make up the foam or have it made up, it can't be bought anywhere. The OEM is moulded latex foam, specifically "Dunpillow" by Dunlop, and was never listed in the parts books, just completely trimmed cushions & squabs (a.k.a. back rest).

so have to strip seats and covers off .replace foam as possible or near as?and refit covers/ rebuild seats! erm .might put that off for a year or so. thats a large task and I suspect not cheap.looking to replace my 45 year old carpets before worrying about seat rebuild. though as I have cloth seats getting those looking new may be a task too far. so might consider just swapping entire seats out for another cars. Think I saw. a comment on site about ones that might fit a rover P6 ..