Front brakes brake harder once every wheel revolution when brakes are warm


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A conversation I fear I will also be having sometime this week, as my recently fitted front discs seem to be as warped as the ones hey were replacing, after less than a thousand miles. Does anybody know where I can get quality EBC ones?

Tom W

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I did my first long trip today after fitting the EBC discs. There’s an occasional vibration under braking. Not every time though, so more investigation required before I blame anything.


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I had an 0.011" runout on a rear disc, I marked its location, removed it, spent a long time cleaning the disc and output flange and re fitted it 180 degrees round. The runout reduced to 0.003".
I would certainly try this on front discs. It does not take much corrosion in between the disc and mounting to cause a problem.
Obviously if the disc has a high spot or metallurgy issue this wont help.
You don't have to send a fortune to get a piece of kit to help sort it.