French touch

in looking at the car and trailer picture, is the trailer the tilting/lowering type.
the hitch area looks like it could bend and tilt for loading?
nice to see one Rover giving another a helping hand.....;)
HI, yes this trailer is very handy : remove two latches , actuate the crank arm and its leans backward, hook the car to the winch cable and on to the trailer it is!
Looks very good and quite original. A rare find. It's also unusual to see the yellow French headlights nowdays, I've hardly seen any actually in use in France for many years now. Any idea what the switch on the far left is for?
I will look at it next time I can (I do not live next to the garage sadly...). I believe I remember it says "Town-Country"...
So yes it says Town - Country!
I will open a new post in the adequate section to share the steps of reviving the beauty, lots achieved last week end and much more to do still.